Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Running

As you all know, I have reset my mindset. I have hella work to do before Goofy. No joke. I know this. You know this. And whether you like it or not, I am going to take y'all along for the ride. I set out my steps to reach my goals. And this week I put this steps into full swing. I am already seeing results. Can you believe it?!
Step one was to listen to my trainer. We had some heart to hearts this week. And she basically, very nicely, slapped me upside the head and told me to trust her, she knew what she was doing. Yes ma'am. She told me obviously my way wasn't working, so I needed to trust her and do it her way. So like a beat dog, with my tail between my legs, I started listening to my trainer. Turns out she knows a bit more than I do about this whole fitness/nutrition thing. LOL.
Step Two was to stop half assing my workouts. Which meant to do my circuits for real, no resting between exercises, and 1 minute rests between circuits. That meant doing my HIIT sprints like I was supposed to. I even wore my heart rate monitor so I KNEW FOR SURE that I was working to the correct HR %. Every morning I woke up sore in a new place. That was new, and it felt good for a change.
Step three was to log my food. Along with this step was to follow the guidelines Kyra set for me. So far this has been the most challenging for me. I was averaging 1100 calories a day. That's it. She wants it between 1800-2000. It has been a challenge. It will involve more extensive meal planning, for sure. I am finding myself at supper time needing to consume 1000 more calories. Yikes. So this one is taking a bit longer to grab hold but I am doing better. And the calories that I do eat are coming from good, clean foods. VERY little processed foods and I am also converting most everything that Hayden eats to clean foods too, but its not that hard. If I let him, he would eat his weight in fruits and veggies, and that is NOT an exaggeration!
Step four was to drink my water. This is my water jug. It is omnipresent in my life.

I have at LEAST 3 of these a day. If I don't I get headaches and I am seriously parched. I know if I haven't had 3. I feel so much better now that I am drinking water again. Cleaner.
Today I went for a run. I am not in training mode yet so I had no "assigned" distance. I just went out and ran around town. I enjoyed the weather and the Fall foliage. The trees made for a very nice distraction so i just kept running. I ended up at 8 miles. It was nice. Somewhere in those 8 miles, I managed to run an 8.5 minute mile. Yes, you read that right, an 8.5 minute mile. I know when it was too. Around Mile 4, I honestly felt like I was flying. The breeze was to my back, my music was pumping, and I was flying. I didn't even know I could DO an 8.5m/m. LOL. It was a good run. Do you know what fueled that awesome run today? I lost 3 pounds this week. 3. By implementing this 4 little steps, I am already on my way to achieving the goals I have set for Goofy. That is a good feeling.
I can't change the things that brought me to this place of starting over, but I can change where I go from here. I will continue to work on my Nutrition. Like I said, it has proven to be my biggest challenge this week. I am excited to see what the next few weeks bring. My next "big" goal is to fit back into my old jeans by the end of November. It may not be a marathon, but it may end up being a bigger fight for the end! I am not looking for miracles and easy outs. I am building a sustainable lifestyle to carry me through. I know that I got results before, but it obviously wasn't something I could sustain. As Kyra said to me, "obviously, your way isn't working." And its not. I am going to fight to remain in that 2% that lost their weight and kept it off. And if I learned ANYTHING from AFM, its that I am a Fighter.
 I will leave you with some pictures of the leaves.
Until Next Time, Run On and Be Happy!


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