Monday, July 2, 2012

Marathon Training: Week 2

Week Two would bring a familiar distance: 10 miles. I am comfortable here and I have a nice rooute carved into the pavement around the north part of town. I do try to stay on our side of the railroad tracks because I am more familiar with which routes are which distances. I have a 2 mile, a 3 mile, a 5 mile and a 7 mile route burned into my brain. I keep to these particular loops because I know people live a ll along each route, so if I ever have to stop or feel like I am in trouble, then I know I have help all along the loop. Let's face it, I may be running around a small town, but it is typically early adn dark, and bad things can happpen just like anywhere else so I tend to stick to my well worn path. Its also good to know that I can stop at home to fill up my water or go to the bathroom at the end of each loop. This can be a blessing or a curse because sometimes it is VERY tempting to stop at home and just STAY at home, but I haven't done that as of yet, but it is still tempting! I'd say for Week 2 things went pretty well. I was running pain free which is always good. I think a part of me still fears that the foot pain will retrn. At least I know that Dr Jesse will be able to fix me again if it dares to return! 

Anyway, I hit the road about 4:30 am. I start early to beat the heat. As I have mentioned before, I have to wattch the heat because of my MS and since I have chosen the hottest summer we have had since moving back from Alaska in which to train for a marathon, heat is a BIT of a concern. The best thing about running that early are the sunrises.  They are so prettty. the pale pink light as it begins to spill over the deep green of the corn fields that surround Wilton, it is a beauty all its own.  When I breathe deeply I can taste the sweetness of the clovers.  The humidity brings out the sweetness and it smells like summer. I think one of the unsung benefits of running  are the complete moments of perfect zen that I have on this early morning runs. It is me, the road and the town that I grew up in. I am the only one out that early and its all mine. I do like running my town. Sure, its small. Sure its the same route every week, but I am ok with that. It builds up a different kind of endurance, but it also builds an appreciation for Wilton that I wouldn't otherwise have.  My training runs have been slow and laid back. I plan to keep it that way. Even if it mean waking up at 2 am, I will keep my laid back training plan. I am serious about this, and I am not going to risk burning myself out or hurting myself by going too fast. This for me, and about me and that is how I am going to keep it. So if I want to stop and take a few pictures on my route, why shouldn't I? I want to document this whole process and I intend to do just that!

I invite you to come along my route now. I snapped a few pictures with my phone at several points along the run. i did my 7 mile route, stopped at the house for more fluids and a potty break and then finished with my 3 mile loop. It wasa hot and sweaty run, but this summer they will ALL be that way!!

So far I have been pretty happy with training. It is nice to be back on a regular running schedule. I am hoping that it will get me back into shpae. I am sure it will, but I am a bit frustrated that I let it get this out of hand. BUT that is for a different day. Today is for Week Two and Week Two ROCKED!!!

Until Next Time, Run On and Be Happy.

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