Monday, July 9, 2012

Marathon Training Week 6: Cut Back

Thanks to a revised schedule, this week was a cutback week so I had 6 miles on the calendar for yesterday. Seems I have been cutting back on ALL my workouts this week.... A lot of that was due to the renovations that we are doing right now, but those are almost done so no more trying to use that as an excuse! I do love my excuses. Anyway, as soon as that is done, I will post some before and after pictures, but today we will talk about the run. After a week of 90-110 degree weather (Holy Shitake, was it HOT) we had a front move through which brought a tease of rain and MUCH cooler temperatures. So when I stepped out the door yesterday morning, I was almost a bit chilly in the 70 degrees! I stood in the driveway texting as much to Laurie, and I started getting goosebumps! I had to warm up so I went off down the road. When I turned on my GymBoss, I discovered that I had run last weeks 14+ miles at a 1:30 to 1 interval NOT the 1:1 that I thought I was doing. I did the shorter run at a 1:1. I THINK I may prefer the 1:30 to 1 but we will see. Maybe for the cutback runs I will do a 1:30 to 1 and then on the LONG runs I will do 1:1. Its all experimental. For whatever reason, i had 8 miles stuck in my head for my distance. I was cruising along on the other side of town when I hit 6 miles and realized that was what I was supposed to do for this week! I was DONE?!

Probably a good thing because my stomach was starting to growl again. I think I am going to have to retool my pre-run breakfast. Lately it just doesn't seem to be cutting it, for whatever reason. I always have oatmeal made with 1/2 water and 1/2 almond milk, banana and walnuts. It has just not been holding me over like it used to. I could get through a Half with no problems. I am wondering if it is a result of all the weight training I have been doing.... I am not good with the nutrition aspect of things (obviously!!!) and I still have a lot to learn. I am wondering if my increased muscle mass needs more fuel? Makes sense, but I could totally be making that up too. If you know, or have a suggestion, I am open to hearing it. More Protein? I realize that I will have to fuel more during the Marathon, but this was a 6 mile run. I just don't think I should have gotten that hungry. Anyhoo, by the time I made it back across down I had run 7 miles. Not the 8 I thought I needed to run, but not the 6 that was scheduled.

Overall, I felt good. I have some issues with an ache in my right hip/thigh/bum area that I am going to go have Dr. Lake work out for me. I imagine I will be seeing more of her in the coming weeks when the mileage really starts increasing. Next week is 17 miles. This is the first real new distance.
While it has been a long time, I have run 14 miles before. I will be going up to the Quad Cities to do that with Laurie. It will be my first run with the Training Group. I am a little nervous, because to me, this is going to tell me a lot about my ability to do this thing. I know that right now, if I need to make changes, I have two months to tweak. At this point, I have plenty of time, but time will be running out here shortly. This is one situation when I can NOT wait for the last second. I am not going to be able to wing this and fake my way through it. I am going to get just what I put into it, and if I want to keep from going down in a blaze of... anti glory, I better get my ass in gear. No more slacking on the ST and the 2 short weekly runs. i haven't been slacking THAT bad, but I can easily see it getting completely out of control. It seems to be a constant battle of believing that I can do this and the fear that i will fail.

 I need to WILL not fall victim to my own self sabotage that I have become so very good at doing. That is why I am so glad I am doing this with Laurie because she knows me, and she knows my tendencies to ruin my own best intentions. If she sees me doing that, she will 'gently' chide me back onto the right path.
I have big book of excuses. I have for my whole life. It what got me to 300 pounds in the first place. Now I find myself standing in front of the mirror picking apart every part of my body...again. Finding imperfections. I'm tired of it. This is to prove that even imperfections can't hold me back from what I want to achieve. If to no one else but myself.

Until Next Time, Run On and Be Happy.

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