Thursday, July 5, 2012

Marathon Training Week 4: Tough Week

Week 3 called for a 12 mile run. Ok, no problem. 12 is totally doable. There with Isolated Thunderstorms in the forecast for the weekend, but it was only a 40% chance so USUALLY that means a few sprinkles and lots of clouds. So I got everything ready to go, got up at my usual 4am, and I thought I saw some lightening, but I wasn't sure. So I peered out the window of the kitchen and it looked like it was getting light to the east so I geared up and headed out the door... to a VERY different looking sight to the southwest. I tried to judge how long I had before all that lightening reached me. I could PROBABLY finish a 5 mile loop, but was I going to risk being stranded 3 miles from home in the open country roads during a thunderstorm? I made it about 4 blocks before common sense overruled the stubborn runner in  my head. I headed back to the house, and the rain started. I guess I will just wait it out. I went back into the house to de-gear. I was just brewing myself a cup of coffee as the electricity went off. Well, I guess I made the right choice. The power would go out 3-4 more times before the storm was over. Matthew came out (its only about 4:30am so this is a BIG deal since he had stayed late to paint the living room) from the bedroom and seemed happy to see me standing there. "Its really early, what are you doing up?" "I was prepared to go get you." Awwwwww.... He knows me so well. He knew that I was stubborn enough to try to outrun a thunderstorm. Since I was up anyway, I decided to finish painting the Living Room. If I couldn't run, I might as well finish the painting, right? Then when the painting was done, I would be free to run. Unfortunately, the rain lasted a while. I mean, good because we REALLY needed a good rain. Well, ANY rain was needed, but a good rain was desperately needed. It was WAY later than I usually start running, and it was already HOT. It was about 20 minutes to noon when I finally hit the road. The rain passed, the power was back on, so I regeared and headed out the door. I was suffering. The humidity was INSANELY high since it was directly after a thunderstorm. I texted Laurie about 3ish miles in to see if the humidity was getting to her too. She said it was tough, but she was getting hers done and had about 2 miles left. I made it to 5 miles and had to call Matthew to come get me. It was too hot and I was running out of fluids. He had to wake Hayden up from his nap (which made me feel AWFUL) but came and got me (and brought ice cold Gatorade which never tasted so good). I went home and finished 5 more miles on the  treadmill. I decided to call it good at 10 miles. I am not worried about adding miles at this point. I already know that I can finish 13 miles so I felt it was more important to take care of myself.

That was the ultimate lesson from Week 3: taking care of yourself. There is a difference between pride and stupidity though it may be a fine line. Pride almost had me trying to outrun a thunderstorm. Stupid. Pride almost had be running 12 miles is the midday heat and humidity of a Midwestern summer day. Stupid. Pride. Stupidity. Pride. Stupidity. Thank goodness for the sense to know the difference. pride is good and appropriate and can be a very powerful motivational tool, but it can also make you try stupid stuff for your ego. Be proud, but don't be stupid about it!

Until next time, Be Happy and Run On.

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